Trauma isn’t always what you think it is! – Part 2 of 3

In this second part of this series on trauma, I want to share with you what the symptoms of trauma might look like as a physical manifestation. In part 1 we talked about how trauma could show up in relationships and as blocks in your life. We also explored the notion that most of us are living our lives with unresolved trauma and don’t even know it. My hope for this mini series is to shed some light on the effects trauma can have and that recovery is possible.

Let’s start with a list of what I see as some symptoms of unresolved trauma. See how many you tick.

·     Anxiety

·     Panic attacks

·     Depression

·     Numb feeling

·     Sleep issues

·     Overwhelm

·     Mistrust

·     Nightmares/Flashbacks

·     Sense of hopelessness

·     Shame

·     Chronic pain

·     Addictions

·     Self-destructive behaviour

·     Risky behaviour

·     Headaches

·     Eating disorders

·     Very little or no memory

·     Difficulty concentrating

·     Lack of interest

·     Not feeling right – not in your body – out of body

·     You isolate yourself

·     Feeling of no purpose

How did you go? Did you tick very many of these? If you have resonated with any of these then maybe you would benefit from making a time to speak with either myself or someone who specialises in trauma recovery. If I can give you one message to take away from this post, it is – You don’t have to do this alone, in fact you can’t do this on your own. The reason for that is that when we are in our pattern of being we are not able to see how we are continually reinforcing that pattern. It takes someone else to help us see what is out of our awareness.

I have written an e-book ‘7 Ways to Reduce Your Stress in 7 Days’ that may also help with some ideas and strategies to bring into your daily life.

What I know about myself and those I have worked with to recover from trauma, is that isolation is one of the main things that we do. We can be embarrassed or ashamed that we are in the state we are. We have become very good at doing things for ourselves mainly because we don’t trust others to be there. We learned very early in our lives that we can rely on ourselves and we stop seeking support yet deeply desire it. If we are lucky we may have one person in our life that could support us, and mostly, we feel on our own.

Have you ever had the feeling of isolation in a group of people/friends. You know that feeling of being social yet there is this knowing that these people don’t know the real you. That part of yourself who has the dead-ness inside. The one who is empty beyond words. The one who lost their spirit while surviving their life circumstances. No-one would know by the outward expression we have, often appearing happy and helpful.

If you are ready to move out of isolation and to be seen and heard fully, then I’d love to sit with you. If you are not ready yet that’s ok too. It can be a scary place to think about really facing yourself. Trying to image who you would be without what you carry now, holy cow, what would that look like?

Just know there is no right or wrong way to move yourself along your healing path. Little seeds are planted every day, with every interaction you make either in person or with what you read or listen to. It is usually the feeling of being at the end of one’s tether, that feeling that you really have to do something now that moves people into action. Don’t wait! If you feel you need to talk because you can see yourself in what I have written here, make a time to come and talk to me…..NO CHARGE……for 30 minutes. This may be the next seed to be planted or it may be the beginning of recovering from trauma, I never know and I trust that whatever you need for now, whether it’s working with me or not, will be the right next step for you.

To book your 30 minute Free Insight Session with me click the link.

In Part 3 of this mini series we will be exploring the how of recovering from trauma.

May you be well and may you be happy



Author: Linda Conyard

Linda Conyard is the Host and Producer of The Truth About Trauma TV, Director of Phoenix Rising Foundation, Author, Speaker and Trauma Specialist. She has gained a wealth of knowledge through her vast studies. Her mission is to eliminate unnecessary trauma through education and training in Trauma-Informed Care and Practice. She wants to see this education becoming part of all our major systems. Linda is a Mentor and Coach to female entrepreneurs who want to uncover what is at the core of their underwhelming business results. She is passionate about women having the financial freedom to make choices that are perfect for them.

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